Friday, 24 April 2009

Box Buster

I took this photograph in Edinburgh. The poster is for a film that is supposed to be one of the lamest and unfunniest comedies in ages. It is interesting as a montage because the derelict phone-box demonstrates that the selfish and infantile values that such films instill will in the end turn to bite the capitalist system that creates such films.

I think in some ways the Orthodox Church has been blessed by its distance from power, and its lack of a 'self-righteous' religious right. To make prudish criticisms of posters such as this would probably be counterproductive. I certainly do not see myself as less of a sinner than the people involved in this poster. But can't they ask themselves if they are really engendering the values they claim to be promoting (love, humour, open-ness) or if they are really creating a lonely, fierce, bigoted and atomised society. Mocking Christian symbolism is so commonplace, I do not even know if the poster makers were aware of it.

Being interested in Russia, I also have an interest in the USSR. This scene reminded me of a description of the 'militant godless carnival', full of forced merriment and forced companionship.

Yet people in the USSR could believe that these values were the result of their appalling leaders. Do we Brits have such an excuse?

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