Sunday, 26 April 2009

Serpents in the Flowering Cave

Today was very beautiful. I went for a walk to Cromarty. The scenery there was stunning in the sunny haze. From a sociological viewpoint Cromarty itself is something of a shithole: a microcosm of modern Britain. There is a largely unemployable class of natives and a gruesome middle class stasi that spies on its neighbours. Someone was fined £50 for feeding a seagull. I asked my friend Bogdan if the communist Romanians would have done such a thing. He said that not even they were that creepy.

Bogdan made another very good (and important point) that in communist Romania sneaking on your neighbours was regarded as the lowest, creepiest thing to do. Yet in modern Britain it is regarded as virtuous behaviour.

That is the strange paradox of modern Britain. Whilst the New Labour government is justly fiercely criticised for the power it has on people's lives, the British people seem to thirst for an even more authoritarian government.

I do hope that Britain will rediscover Christianity and realise that love is not the feeble, marketable word that they now think of it as. Love is not the word scrawled in pink icing sugar, or film of actors/ actresses speaking other people's words that they've rehearsed to a camera, but means showing respect for one's fellows and realising that they have the right to privacy. However, with the appalling state of Britain's churches, I have no real hope that Christian ethics will replace the Big Brother morality of our current society.

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