Sunday, 10 May 2009

Sarkozy's Greatest Achievement

Whenever a Social Democrat gets into power, The Guardian/ Observer will generally refer to them as 'populist' or 'demagogue'.

When they are in opposition however, The Gobserver will only print their side of the story to keep up the pretense of being 'leftist'. This is the case with their recent piece of tripe concerning Nicolas Sarkozy . Given the amount of coverage they gave it, it seems his greatest acheivement was offering titillation to middle aged men:

'Bruni, a guitar-strumming, silken-haired former model with a self-proclaimed history of man-eating and a penchant for singing about sex, was all the media could have ever wanted and more. She was also, it appeared, all that the president could have wanted. With typical "super-Sarko" pacing, no time was wasted in making the romance official. By February, the couple had married in a discreet ceremony in Paris. Their honeymoon was spent dodging the paparazzi in the grounds of Versailles. Not everyone was impressed.'

However, given that 'The Guardian' is ostensibly a friend of the Georgians, surely they should praise him for organising a cease fire between Georgia and Russia. In fact this achievement is summed up as follows:

'During France's frenetic presidency of the EU and its immediate aftermath, when the "hyper-president" crisscrossed the globe from Tbilisi to Ramallah, his approval ratings shot up. The true success of some of these diplomatic missions is debatable, but the French seemed to appreciate that at last they had a president who was building bridges instead of burning them'

So securing aceasefire is a debatable success? I wish there could be some 'debate' as to Britain's recent foreign policy 'success'.

But if you know a bit about Brit journalism, their denial of Sarkozy's achievement is quite funny. Our middle aged punditocracy were getting into a lather about the 'post-modern' EU values being assaulted by Ivan. From the sounds of things, the Grauniad's own double barelled (ahem) 'leftist' Timothy Garton Ash wanted to take on the bear for daring to encroach upon our 'post-modern' paradise.

But as the British punditocracy and political classes fumed with John McCain (whom they expected to win the American election) the French through careful and non-ideological work managed to secure peace. As someone who loathes violence and the killings of Georgians, Russians and Ossetians I was very grateful when war ended, largely thanks to Sarkozy. Of course, no-one outside of Britain really cared what the British political classes thought.

This is why I think my Central European friends could pay more attention to the dynamics of Western politics. I feel great affection for the Georgian people, which is why I think as a state they would be better off without Ossetia. The John MacCain/ Timothy Garton Ash, Red-Brown coalition by contrast would prefer to shed Georgian blood if it meant bringing the great bear into a perpetual conflict.

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