Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Am I Big Brother's Custodian?

Tories 'will end Big Brother state'......as Yahoo news very objectively put it. Or from the horses mouth:

'The individual is the rightful owner of personal information and the state is merely possessor and should behave as a responsible custodian.

"We need to roll back the advance of Big Brother and restore this fundamental right of our citizens. Restoring privacy must mean a clear statement on the part of those who have custody of personal information of their purpose in retaining it and of their commitment to its proper management."

Doubleplusgood for them. Hypocritical creeps.


  1. Did you see David Cameron pretending to be a Nazi on the TV? He got in trouble for it - was funny.

    What do you think of this new inquiry into the Iraq war?

    I think it's a shameful white wash - I thought Gordon Brown might want to take TB down with him - surely it would be technically possible to try Blair at the Hague for war crimes if there was the political will?!

  2. Hi Gareth
    I heard about David Cameron, and frankly think it was just a play fight with the media to deny their bias.
    I'd rather the discuss his utter lack of credible foreign policy/ economic ideas?

    As for the Iraq enquiry, I wasn't really surprised. I find Brown quite pitiable. He really thinks that he can, like Blair, appeal to a wide variety of voters. Purely by being state educated and lower middle class, he will have alienated most 'swing' voters.

    He could have accepted that New labour would win the next election and taken progressive measures, but instead he seems to be attempting a tactical path which will just destroy the remains of new labour.

  3. Incidentally, if we don't reform our FPTP system, David Cameron could get voted in by less percent of the popular vote than Hitler.