Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Quote of the Day

'Our government depends upon a simplistic economic model of human beings that allows inequality to grow and offers nothing positive in the face of the reactionary forces they have helped to awake around the world. If we ever want to escape this limited world view, we will have to rediscover the progressive positive ideas of freedom and realise that Isaiah Berlin was wrong. Not all attempts to change the world for the better lead to tyranny'
-Adam Curtis, The Trap


  1. call me 'pesimistic' or whatever, but I DO BELIEVE that all attempts to change the world for the better lead to tyranny.

    as long as our Lord Jesus Christ didn't succeed in changing the whole world for the better (although He changed and keeps changing millions of personal destinies), how could any human being bring an 'earthly paradise'.

    - one of the fist people carrying out such a mad attempt was Alexander the Great
    - then the Roman Republic & Empire, then Muslims invaded the world from India to Spain attempting to subdue the world to their faith
    - then Europe awoke through the crusades
    - then Portugal, Spain, Britain andFrance 'exported' their values to a 'new world'
    - then Iluminists, the French Revolutionaries & Napoleon tried to change the world
    - Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, and to a lesser extent and in a 'milder' form George W. Bush (I wans never so much against him as the Brits were :-)
    - the EU is also trying to bring us economic prosperity, peace, social welfare
    - Obama is trying to convince us that 'yes, we can' (live in a better world)

    it's all masonic bullshit... the world won't evolve into a better one. things are going from bad to worse.

    however, as Orthodox Christians, we shouldn't be afraid of this. we have been warned for 2,000 years!

  2. Hi Bogdan

    I suppose the quote doesn't work out of context? I would strongly advise that you watch The Trap by Adam Curtis, which is on both google video and youtube.

    His message is that neo-liberalism is the strongest force in the world, trying to enforce 'negative freedom' (or privatisation) on the world through bloodshed.

    I think that the world can be a better place if we overthrow the Masonic ideas, speaking of which, you mention Bush.

    He is not only a freemason, but is part of the Bohemian Grove group, who worship an idol of an eagle. The Republicans have been in power almost constantly since the late 1960s, exept one term of Carter and two of Clinton. Yet they have done nothing to turn back Roe V Wade.

    I do not know if the world will go from bad to worse. Just think, now Stalinism and Fascism are both dead.

    As for the EU, there I slightly disagree both with Greeks and Romanians (in the one area where they seem to agree with each other:-).

    I do not deny that there are vast flaws in the EU with its bureaucracy and totalitarian tendencies. But in terms of freeing trade and immigration, I think it has done some good. The Eu does not need destroyed but vastly restructured.

    The last thing I want is a new ideology for killing people, but that is not to say that we should be pessimistic about advances in medicine (without which I would have died) or advances in human rights. And indeed, increase of immigration without which I would be spiritually dead.

  3. Nazism and Stalinism may be bad, however, I remain to my 'pesimism' - the worst is yet to come!

    at least those open enemiest of Christ helped produced generations of new 'Saints' (especially in Communist prisons).

    but the New World Order wnats to nulify the cahnce of people ever becoming Saints. it's pointless to try to assasinate them... it's more 'efficient' to kill their souls step by step.