Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Quote of the Day

'President Obama should have Joe Biden, Saakashvili’s pal, phone him up and instruct him thus:

“Mikheil, if you interfere with the sea commerce of Abkhazia, and provoke Russia into a Black Sea war, you fight it yourself. The Sixth Fleet is not going to steam into the Black Sea and pull your chestnuts out of the fire, old buddy. It will be your war, not ours.”'

Patrick J Buchanan

I disagree with 'Pitchfork Pat' on numerous issues (caring for the poor, the war on drugs), though he is spot on when it comes to foreign policy. He is also an excellent writer with good knowledge of history and geography. In an era when most political journalists write with awe about national leader's soundbytes, like 'art critics' gazing at elephant shit sculptures, it is a joy to read a really intelligent and literate author.

See that there is a Buchanan Brigade mailing list. I'd better subscribe to that before my reputation as a 'hand-wringing liberal' starts spreading.


  1. It's actually "limp-wristed". ;)

    PS (just to make sure). I was j/k.

    I don't agree much with Pat's social views, but like you his FP views are much more wholesome.

  2. Hi Anatoly
    Yes, I knew you were joking. Still, I think you were avoiding ceding my point that stagnation in small-arms technology means that American Imperialism cannot depend on SOTA military technology when unconventional militias will probably be their major enemy (even in the USA if Stas Mishin's readers are any indication ;-).

  3. Pat's view on Affirmative Action are great only he could word them a little better so he doesn't get savaged by lefties. As a person with little relation to USA I love his foreign policy stance most of all.

  4. There are several areas where I agree with the left, such as universal healthcare. Still, I agree that affirmative action is a vile system.

    However, as with abortion it is one of those areas where GOP has done zilch.

    If anything though, it is the neo-con right that really have it in for Pat. Perhaps because with his gift for words he perfectly skewered them: "undocumented aliens from the Left, carrying with them the viruses of statism and globalism"