Thursday, 17 September 2009

Spider's Web

Please, do not congratulate me for the originality and cleverness of my title. However, I felt very lucky to find this sight; a spider's web on a CCTV sign (click for larger image). It is a brilliant metaphor for how dangerous, yet almost invisible, the British surveillance state is.

Incidentally, I've been reading that the Tories are considering taking actions to plan to take measures to contemplate the partial democratisation and conceivable limiting in potential circumstances if the opportunity shall arise of the surveillance state because it will save money. So that's what it's come to: tax bores offer the best chance of saving us from 1984 because the whole Big Brother thing might burn a hole in our pocket? Who knows, maybe Auntie Ayn was right after all.

Of course, I don't believe a word of it. The Tories were the ones stoking up the 'war on terror' and they are a nest of Russophobe loonies who are obviously desperate for an external enemy so that they can terrorise, sorry, protect, their own people. Too bad the Russians aren't too bothered about expanding their borders.


  1. You should become an artist, Greg. Do a gallery of CCTV... surveilling the surveillance system, now that would be ironic lol!

    Some Tories are OK. E.g. Carl Thomson of Moscow Tory. If I'm ever in Britain I'd be sure to get in contact with him.

  2. Hi Anatoly
    Thanks for the encouragement, but I sometimes get anxious of these photos. Not so much about the NWO that installs them but because I must look a real weirdo when doing it... especially if anyone was actually watching the footage at the time ;-).

    Because of the optical properties of spiderweb, I needed to photograph the above sign diagonally from below. I was getting some strange looks, I can tell you.

    Whilst I have not read much by Carl Thomson, I have agreed with what I have read (and was interested to see the mainly positive comments on his piece at conservativehome, criticising Saakashvilli).

    However, many damaged men are far more influential in the Tory party. Michael Gove for example who thinks that Putin is Hitler, who exclaimed 'I love Tony', and who thinks that the white phosphorus attack on Fallujah was a success. Furthermore, Liam Fox is a noted russophobe and David Cameron supported speeding up Georgia's NATO bid after Saakashvilli's reckless attack on Ossetia.

    Given that Thomson must know that many of his superiors talk bullshit about Russia, I do not know why he is still in the Tory party instead of one of the more isolationist conservative parties.

    However, in economic terms, the Tories and New Labour are almost indistinguishable and both are stuck in 1979 and can only see free markets as the answer to everything, despite the fact that Social Democratic France and Germany have the edge on Britain.

    Even then, the role of North Sea Oil in Britains 1980s recovery seems to have been deleted from the record.

  3. I wouldn't worry too much about strange looks, Gregor. When you do that, the System wins. ;)