Tuesday, 13 October 2009

As the World Falls Down

I'm afraid the bastion of the left has fallen if their Russian coverage is anything to go by. Following from previous post, I found this comedy gem. I'll sleep snugly in bed knowing that Julian Borger's 'Global Security Blog' is online, and could you imagine a smugger customer?

You can read it yourselves, but this is a stunning insight concerning Obama's pragmatism*:
'It is a matter of strategy rather than belief. Whether that strategy works any better than confrontation in democracy's name, is more a matter of debate.'

Yes, that is a matter of debate. After all, Bush's plan of confrontation set such a high standard in those paradises of Afghanistan and Iraq. We'll have to see if Obama can live up to this. I for one fear he will always be overshadowed by his predecessor's towering achievements.

*Which is largely based on an article in a Russian paper which they don't link to and which sounds a load of bullshit anyway.

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