Thursday, 15 October 2009

'Putinite Terror'

Will try to find out more, but this sounds like nonsense.

A historian who was researching Stalinism has been arrested in Russia. Says Luke Harding:

'It comes amid Kremlin attempts to rehabilitate Stalin and to clamp down on independent historical research – with political repression during the Soviet era and victims of the gulag system now taboo topics'

Really? Any facts to back that up? Or is this what you mean? Or this?

He then quotes everyone's favourite Russophobe, Orlando figes:

'Today the historian and writer Orlando Figes described Suprun's arrest as unprecedented, and part of a "Putinite campaign against freedom of historical research and expression".'

So it is unprecedented 'Putinite' strategy to arrest historians during Medvedev's term? How very odd.

Don't get me wrong, whilst I try to defend Russia by highlighting the nonsense printed about it, I would not pretend it is an open society. Yet this really sounds like a load of rubbish to me.


  1. If the Russians really want to rehabilitate Stalin, they are sending out some very mixed signals.

  2. Thanks Leos. Quite a colourful character Yevgeny (was he the one who said he'd kill Gorbachev with an axe?)

    Interesting about Novoya Gazetta. Here they seem to take it for granted that dissidents are generally murdered for criticising Putin. But in this case the courts helped Politkovskaya's paper. I guess the problem is that the Western media sees things in black and white. Whilst one area I fully criticise the United Russia party is in the ongoing Chechen fiasco, that is not to say that I sentimentalise the Chechens. However, many of United Russia's opponents seem to avoid discussing the way that these were partially civil wars and that Politkovskaya and others were almost certainly murdered by Chechens.

  3. Putin is like a voodoo doll on which every type of misfortune that befalls current Russia can be pinned.

    I do not find the situation in Chechnya to be that much of a fiasco. It is not calm but it could always be worse.