Saturday, 10 October 2009

Quote of the Day

"Here is the big argument in British politics today, put plainly and simply. Labour say that to solve the country's problems, we need more government. Don't they see? It is more government that got us into this mess."

Thank you David Cameron for demonstrating the intellectual health of modern Britain. Plagiarising a thirty year old quote by a geriatric movie-star perfectly demonstrates our level of discourse.

It isn't that I disagree that the British state is too strong: the CCTV surveillance is creepy, as are phone tapping measures and the 'war on terror' officers who are over-armed. Furthermore, the armed members of our state are given free reign to invade any nation America decides is attackable: Serbia, Afghanistan, Iraq.

Yet Dave is no supporter of civil liberties and is gung ho for any American conflict (why not? It isn't his sprogs that'll be fighting there) and thought that Saakashvilli should have been rewarded with NATO membership for attacking civilians with tanks and aircraft. He wants the delightful British police to take action on Brian Haw: apparently the 78 rozzers the nu lab softies sent wasn't enough. That'll teach him to live in a 'shanty town', twat him with a nightstick like they did Mr Tomlinson, that'll put him on the straight and narrow.

So whilst not caring about the police having too many powers or the possibility of Brit soldiers killing foreign civilians, 'big government' in Dave's case means... well, he doesn't specify. But I think it's fairly safe to assume it means too many services for poor people. Thank you again Dave for helping me find motivation to invest in further TEFL qualifications.

* I usually like to have an illustration, but even thinking of Cameron's repulsive smarmy melon of a head makes me feel ill.


  1. Big government for security, little or no government for everything else.

    The invisible hand of the market meets the clunking fist of our CCTV-installing, phone-tapping, protester-kettling security apparatus.

    Ying and yang, the way of the future...

  2. 'The invisible hand of the market meets the clunking fist of our CCTV-installing, phone-tapping, protester-kettling security apparatus.'

    Well said. The conservative view of freedom seems to begin with freedom from progressive taxation and end with freedom from progressive taxation. Of course Cameron has been silent about 'kettling' because treatment of protesters will probably get worse under the Tories.

    It really makes me sick to think that they are the 'opposition' and are trying to win a personality contest whilst the real opponents to neo-conservative warmongering are beaten with night sticks and forced to hand over personal details.

  3. Tories are no opposition unfortunately.

  4. Very true Leos. As I see it New labour and The Tories are like people being pulled by a dog and being convinced that they are taking he dog for a walk. The Tories caved in on civil liberties, isolationism and political correctness. New Labour caved in over public transport, supporting America's global hegemony and civil liberties. Is it a strange coincidence that both seem to be following pretty identical policies to those Rupert Murdoch supports?