Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Jivin' With the Cosmic Debris, Don't cha waste no precious time on me

The multi-talented Les Visible, has done a concept album called '9/11 was an inside job'. Whilst Deformablemirror does not endorse this product, it has to respect his ability to think outside the box.

Update: I'm probably going to be taking a bit of a rest from blogging about politics. It is a difficult area, there's so much capacity for misunderstanding and offending and getting angry. Overall I think it has a desensitizing effect. Anyone who knows me will, I think, agree I'm a fairly unassuming self-deprecating type, but I find my online alter ego tends to be pompous and aggressive.

Sadly, there are people who wish us harm and wish our government to harm people abroad as well. Being vocal about politics is sadly a kind of duty in Britain, where our media has such a consensus, it can barely be regarded as free.

However, I hope to write more about history, photography and culture. Of the later Oscar Wilde wrote that 'art is useless'; I fear the same is largely true of history: though it is often more surprising than any work of art. I have a photography blog which I hope to work on more.

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