Friday, 2 July 2010

Leave Mel Alone

See that Mel Gibson has put his foot in it again. Some nosey parkers apparently managed to obtain records of him making racist and sexist comments (which counts as an achievement in our society: look he bad, we good, let's congratulate ourselves).

Now, Mel way indeed be an utter pillock for all I know, but he is possibly America's greatest living director. No, I didn't like Braveheart, but Apocalypto was one of my favourite modern films. Intelligent without being pompous, mystical without being dogmatic, visually stunning but with a tense script.

Furthermore, he doesn't make out that he's some kind of goody-two-shoes like Steven Spielberg. Which really says it all: I'm sure Spielberg wouldn't have the guts to speak in a derogatory way to any man, woman or child for fear of being owned. But sure enough, watch Munich 'wicked Middle Eastern darkies being taken out by European stars acting Middle Easterners' and see how genuinely progressive he is. Not that I'd really care, if the film wasn't everything Apocalypto wasn't: pompous without being intelligent, Judeo-Christian puritanical self-righteousness, visually dull despite the contrived set-pieces. But the different attitudes towards Spielberg and Gibson demonstrate just how daft political correctness has been.

No-one has to respect Mel, but no-one has the right to feel self-righteous after peeping into his private affairs.


  1. I largely agree. I didn't like "Munich" much either and I feel that, generally speaking, Spielberg is overrated. I would also agree that Gibson is currently one of America's best directors. His films are usually, at the very least, interesting.

    Perhaps Gibson's films are interesting precisely because he has "issues." I know this is a stereotype, but many very creative people do seem eccentric or troubled in some way. My personal favorite film, “Dersu Uzala,” was directed by Akira Kurosawa after he had suffered a major bout of depression that included a suicide attempt

    ---Mr. Piccolo

  2. Spielberg is like James Cameron, they are not so large on the story as they are on the technical side. My brother is big fan of Cameron because of this, I never heard him talk about the dull narratives of Cameron's movies, only how Cameron has used this and that technology when doing this or that film.

    I would say people hate Mel because he is big on the story and that should not be allowed. People should be remain dumb, ignorant and blinded by the special features.

    As for the current piece of gossip, it will be forgotten soon.