Thursday, 15 July 2010

Out of Order

Have been a bit busy recently not reading newspapers. Think I'll be a bit busy not reading newspapers for a while after seeing that te Graun has a Peter Mandelson extravaganza, about his efforts to save 'his beloved Labour party', no doubt by popular request of the thousands of left-wingers who were begging them to do so.

Once more it highlights the weird irony of the economic right: they adore the free-market and they are fans of Mandy for endorsing the free-market, but they are utterly oblivious to what their own 'market' would actually want. Furthermore, the most juicy piece of gossip, for these friendless metropolitan losers, is about the vast ideological struggle between Tony 'pro-Iraq war, anti-nationalisation' Blair and Gordon 'pro-Iraq war, anti-nationalisation' Brown. A real clash of the titans there.

As most of my readers come from Neil Clark's blog, I suppose it's pointless linking to this, which sums my views up but is well worth reading.

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