Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Showbiz News

Does Mel Gibson have a future in Hollywood? Given that every second film these days seems to be based on a comic strip, I think we could ask if Gibson would want a future in Hollywood?


  1. This is why I rarely go to the cinema anymore, that and it is becoming increasingly expensive. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a good popcorn movie as much as the next guy, but it really does seem as if comic book movies are now Hollywood's primary concern. What used to be considered kiddie matinee stuff is now the headline attraction.

    A while back I read an article in some entertainment magazine (can't remember exactly which one) that discussed how the top young directors are being led to comic books films by money and the fact that Hollywood is not spending nearly as much on serious dramas as they did in decades past.

    One totally unscientific theory I have for this trend is that, as adult Americans have become increasingly overworked since the 1970s, they have withdrawn more from outside social life, and spend more of their meager free time in front of the television, perhaps because they are too exhausted to go out. This leaves younger people as the primary moviegoers.

  2. @John
    I think there's a lot in what you say. I did read a piece on yahoonews once saying that adult Americans rarely ever went to the cinema.

    I think it sums up why it's not anti-American to dislike the way that British culture is fiercely 'pro-American': which usually means taking an ideological position on features of American culture which a lot of Americans dislike. Whilst some Brits might say it's self-righteous and pompous not to like the latest Hollywood blockbuster, the fact is that few Americans over 20 might watch it.

    I do also think it goes a bit deeper, however. That I think neo-liberal ideals would mean that you'd get few films about working class people, that traditional values are only accepted in a very saccharine way. Furthermore, I'm sort of toying with endorsing the 'conspiracy theory' that there is a lot of intentional hypnotism about these films with the jump-cuts/ flickering that destroy concentration and attention spans. I think it's unquestionable that this happens. Whether it is an intentional plot, I don't know.

    The weird thing for me is that whilst our media likes to scream about certain divisions in society, especially religious v irreligious, the one thing I have in common with all my Brit friends is that none of us watch much TV. I find that adults who watch a lot of TV tend to be extremely childish and fidgety.