Sunday, 19 September 2010

What does it benefit a country if it polices the world and loses its soul

Whilst I think the current Tory party are a sinister bunch of idealogues, and their lib dem lapdogs far more odious (because they immediately betrayed their election pledges), one positive outcome has been that I've noticed a marked decrease in Russophobia in the Brit media and political discourse.

Too little apparently for 'democracy' advocate Mikhail Khodorkovsky, AKA Russia's most unpopular man. This billionaire was sent to the poky for illegal dealings, resulting in his becoming immensely wealthy when other Russians were famished.

It would be funny if it weren't so sad to see Khodorkovsky idealising Britain as a land of 'democracy'. Just look at Nick Clegg's selling out, and The Observer's response:

'But read today's brilliant Observer leading article for an explanation of why Clegg is hugging the Tories close instead. He's not stupid. He's not a Tory in disguise. He's being brave and smart.'

Yes, it was very brave and smart of Clegg to tell voters that he opposed the Tories cuts in the run up to the election then totally support the Tory cuts when he was elected. If you ask me 'brave' isn't an adequately flattering term; he deserves a medal for being so heroic.

Glover later patronises a commentor:

'Oh - and if Tories are Tories and Blair is a Tory and Clegg is also a Tory then you will wait a long time for an election not to be won with a majority by "a Tory".

Labour did it in 1945, 1950, 1966, 1974 (just) - any others recently...? Perhaps it's just that voters like leaders you see as Tories.'

Yes, except that people voted for Labour to keep the Tories out and the coalition only squeezed in because the Lib Dems ran as a party far to the left of their current position.

It just sickens me what a country Britain has turned into. It isn't just that laudatory epithets are heaped upon dishonest plutocrats, but that they are done so with evident sincerity.


  1. "It isn't just that laudatory epithets are heaped upon dishonest plutocrats, but that they are done so with evident sincerity."

    Exactly. This is why so many people distrust the establishment media. They see it as the amen corner of the ruling elite. It is not surprising that so many people are turning to the alternative media. In fact, even though I disagree with many conspiracy theories, I can understand why they are popular.

  2. @John
    Thank you for your comment. It is curious about alternative media; there are so many interesting well-researched blogs and yet absolute buffoons come to rule the roost, especially in the so-called-left-wng-media.

    Also get your point about conspiracy theories. There is definitely something very sinister afoot in the 21st century.