Tuesday, 12 October 2010

The Snowball Effect

Things are looking bleak for Britain according to Alan Rusbridger. Comrade Snowball has his snout in the trough and may soon get even more power and influence in the media, animals be warned!

Uhm, warned of what? That articles attacking 'big government' might be published? That he might publish all sorts of drivel about the United Russia party (or 'Vladimir Putin' to use the shorthand). I wrote on the comments section that as long as the Guardian continues publishing drivel by Julian Glover as one of its chief Op Ed writers, and as long as its Russia affairs are the domain of Luke Harding, then I frankly don't care how much media presence Murdoch has. One economically right wing, foreign policy militant, socially liberal publication barely differs from the other.

And guess what? They deleted my comments and now I'm being moderated. I find that really is quite laughable. Julian Glover has an idealistic view of the free market precisely because his chums are shielding him from consumerist ideas such as customer feedback.

If Te Graun really wants to frighten its readers that Snowball is at large and will crush Social Democracy, they really are going about it the wrong way.


  1. That Glover piece was awful. Absolutely awful.

    Western media 'freedom'. Full of hypocrises again, too numerous to describe. Although Murdoch is a much more malign figure than the Graun, however wrong and dishonest it can be.

  2. To a certain extent, I like the Murdoch media. FOX News is now so ridiculous that it gives its own agenda a black eye. The media outlets that claim to be moderate or even left-wing are often more insidious because they carry water for the neoliberal consensus in a more respectable manner.

  3. @Charles
    Think that Murdoch might have a more sinister agenda, but at least his stuff says 'on the tin' as it were that it's right wing. Find that in modern Britain there is a ridiculous concept of a political 'centre' which has no relevance to anyone.

    Would agree with you about the supposedly left wing media being more insiduous. Not so sure about Fox harming its own agenda. Glenn Beck seems to be going from strength to strength through being astoundingly stupid and paranoid.