Sunday, 17 October 2010

Talk to the Hand

As mentioned in my last post, I've gone done been bad and my CiF comments are being monitored: purely because I pointed out what a joke Rusbridger's scare tactics about Rupert Murdoch were. Seems that for all Rusbridger's talk of bouncing ideas around, etc., The Guardian only wanted ideas that flattered their editorial board.

Now I come across this. Johann Hari's twitter feed (largely devoted to flattering other journalists) advises people not to read comments on the Independent website, because they are all written by 'lunatics'. And this is the guy who attacks 'the religious' because they allegedly don't like listening to stuff they don't want to hear.

It seems to me that the mainstream left-wing media are utterly cut off from any kind of feedback and remarkably unintelligent in their inability to adapt to the changing electronic media.


  1. The mainstream Left is a pretty closed group. Back in the 1980s, Christopher Lasch noted that the contemporary mainstream Left was a failure because it stopped listening to ordinary people and their concerns. When the New Right came in with populist language about defending the family, upholding patriotism, etc., the mainstream Left basically had no answer except to argue that right-wingers brainwashed the populace, or that ordinary people were too dumb or ignorant to understand that they were being hoodwinked. This is still the stock answer given by the mainstream Left when it comes to things like the Murdoch media.

    There is very little reflection on the failures of the Left, just smugness and complaining about how dumb people are when the ostensibly left-wing parties lose elections. A great example of this attitude can be seen on Bill Maher’s show “Real Time." I am not sure if Bill Maher’s show is available in the UK, but it is a perfect example of why so many ordinary people are disconnected from the Left. I mean, how are you going to convince people to be on your side when you constantly repeat that they are stupid and delusional for believing in religion, for example? All of this does not absolve right-wing talking heads like Glenn Beck, but it does reveal why the Left is so moribund.

  2. Better later than never... realize how rotten these leftist 'wise people' are! :-)

    As merely a foreign observer, I can say that opinion articles in The Guardian and The Independent have been making me nauseous for the past years.

    You probably noticed on my blog that I generally read The Daily Mail & The Daily Telegraph :-)