Wednesday, 6 October 2010

The wages of sin?

Came across this comment on Youtube:

'Perhaps you are a old barmaid that does know Hitch and can confirm that certain parts of his body are in fact, fat and greasy. A double shot of the Hitch magic ? It all makes sense now 42 D.'

Ugh, how grim is that? The thing is that the cheek-hens think he's a bit crap. But I don't think this will stop a generation of frustrated men from delighting in his musky animal magnetism.


  1. Interesting stuff. I like how the Decca Aitkenhead article pointed out that a lot of older left-wing men ended up supporting the Iraq War. I imagine many of these men where "Leftists" because it allowed them to stand in opposition to the old, stodgy, conservative social values of their parents.

    With the failures of the radical movements of the '60s and the '70s, and the collapse of communism in the Soviet Union and elsewhere there was nowhere for the revolutionary Leftists to go except to embrace globalization and neoconservative warmongering in the name of progress.

    So we have people like Hitchens who admire the Russian Communists for trying to destroy Russian Orthodoxy supporting the neoconservatives because their wars in Muslim countries will apparently blast them out of their benighted condition and into the sunlight of global capitalism.

    The story is the same; the ending has just changed from the communist utopia to a capitalist one. As long as religion is being destroyed, it’s all good.

  2. @John
    I'd agree about many radicals switching horses. The irony is that they call themselves 'humanists' whilst in fact being attracted to ideas with very reductive concepts of humanity.