Sunday, 19 December 2010

Cheap Shot

I like cheap clothes, so much so that I only buy them in charity shops. But found the J'accuse finger pointing at 'cheap' clothes in today's Observer.

For this Observer lefty, Gap and Topshop are 'cheap fashion'. Flippin eck, I like to think that buying in charity shops is a way of opting out of the system (nothing to do with being Aberdonian, honest), but I probably wouldn't be able to afford 'cheap' clothes as defined by the Metropolitan media.

As is usually the case, in smug atheist sermons, it is always 'we' and 'us' who buy cheap clothes. Meaning of course poor people whom 'we' despise.

But here's an idea: why don't all the metropolitan luvvies start subsidising textile cooperatives or offer to take poor people to the tailor's to get kitted out?

Or is lambasting poor people as slave drivers for buying stuff from rich people really the best you can do?


  1. In Poland I usually buy my clothes second-hand by weight.

    In the UK I usually just go to Primark.

    I am aware that Primark clothes are made in sweatshops. I would prefer it if they weren't.

    Unfortunately, in real life the alternative to sweatshops tends to be even deeper poverty or child prostitution.

  2. @CK
    Entirely agree. I find the moral superiority of those who attack 'the real price of cheap clothes' a bit breathtaking. What are the alternatives that they are suggesting?

  3. Merry Christmas friend :) (and see the video I put in my blog too :) )

  4. Merry Christmas/ Feliz Natal Bruno.

    I hope in the next year I can practise some Portuguese on your blog.