Saturday, 14 May 2011

Eye for an Eye

So, the high court of theocratic Iran has decided that the best way to punish a gruesome thug is to sink to his level and blind him with acid.

Repeat after me brave, western, snug, middle class self described 'opponents of religious tyranny' who use their computers to praise Christopher Hitchens and Johann Hari: all religions are equally bad, all religions are equally stupid, if you read the old testament there's lots of cruelty, it's only thanks to us that the Christians don't do this kind of thing, if we didn't whinge about prayer sessions in council buildings then Britain would be a barbaric theocracy as well, and only racists object to large scale Muslim immigration, and only racists make out that Turkey shouldn't join the EU, only racists and far right groups make out that there's any difference whatsoever between the tenets of Islam and any other monotheism.

Anyway, already we've wasted too much time on the subject when we know we're already right. Back to the important issue. Do you realise how much we pay in subsidies to kids travelling to faith schools?

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  1. Great post! This reminds me of American secularists screaming about how the Religious Right is the “American Taliban.” As despicable as the American Religious Right is sometimes, they are clearly not as gruesomely violent as Muslim fundamentalists are, nor are they as hateful towards women.

    It is also funny how so many secularists think we in the West are in danger of turning into a theocracy. I was in a train station today and probably more than half of all the magazine covers featured scantily clad women, and only a few of them were
    men’s magazines!

    Hitchens and friends can sleep easy. They are very likely not going to wake up to find themselves living under a brutal theocracy, although the war in Iraq has made that nightmare scenario more likely for Iraqis. Quite ironic, isn’t it?