Sunday, 12 June 2011

Quote of the Day

"The rest is soap opera of which I want no part and the public have no interest."

I never would have thought I'd say 'Well said David Miliband', but well said David Miliband.

I'll never tire of pointing out the irony that the 'left wing' Graun is very much on the economic right, yet when it comes to the supply/ demand side of things (which I admit capitalism does excel at) they are worse than any Soviet satellite. Really, does anyone write in to say 'Please sir, we think your newspaper prints too many intelligently written debates on political philosophy and too much in depth foreign affairs reporting. We just want more gossip about the Labour party please. Oh, and we still haven't lost interest in Blair/ Brown. More of that please. I start sweating and getting insomnia if a week goes past without reading at least 10,000 words on how Brown wanted to make Britain communist and Blair wanted to keep liberal democracy going and how they always had daggers at each others throats.'

I've made a resolution that I'm not going to visit The Guardian for another week. Not even to marvel at how stupid its getting.

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  1. Politics is so depressing these days. Here in the States almost everything is personal. People are arguing over whether Obama is a narcissist or whether Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann are involved in a right-wing cat fight.

    The only political gossip story I am really interested in is Silvio Berlusconi’s “Rubygate” scandal because, for better or for worse, (mostly worse, in my opinion), Berlusconi has been the most important figure in Italian politics since the “clean hands” investigations led to the destruction of the major Italian political parties in the 1990s.