Saturday, 6 August 2011

The Only Thing Worse Than Engaging With News International

Is being ignored by them. Seems to be the message from Scottish Labour and Scottish Lib Dems. I don't know if Murdoch knows who that grey chappie is. Nor do a lot of Scots probably. The SNP victory owes a lot to Tony Bliar turning Britain into a News International protectorate, but don't let that get in the way of some finger-wagging Mr grey.

But it gets better. The head of the Scottish Lib Dems has accused Salmond of 'blatant sycophantic behaviour.' Too bad we don't have Nick 'the iron man' Clegg in charge. Don't know how often Murdoch's met Clegg (never mind whatsisname from the Scots lib dems). Murdoch doesn't really need to meet Clegg: why waste time talking to a lapdog when you can talk to its master?

And the gifts Salmond gave to Murdoch? Tickets to see Black Watch. I don't think Columbo could have done better. As usual, Salmond emerges as the standout talent of Scottish (possibly British) politics.

Anyway, a really nasty virus disabled my computer. Given various difficulties in my life, blogging will be sparse in the immediate future.

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