Monday, 17 October 2011

Dis-United Kingdom

Reading this article and the comments under it was a strangely confusing experience for me. Whilst I have been a supporter of the SNP for quite some time, I don't think I've ever felt quite so certain that 'Britain' isn't my country. I've felt distanced from Britain because I think left economic liberals/ foreign policy interventionists and right economic liberals/foreign policy interventionists will always form a plurality and trump democracy. My first thoughts after reading the article were that Blond and Glasman will be forgotten sooner rather than later: meaning that 'Britain' will not exist much longer. But I now think I'm wrong: they may well get stronger when Britain ceases to be.

Could England turn into Poland with an economic right and social right waging war against each other? Judging by the comments I wouldn't be entirely surprised.

Who knows?

I've now officially joined the SNP and the greeting letter showed a very Celtic looking lad waving a St Andrew's flag (here). I felt oddly refreshed by this: I don't hold the view shown by some that self-hatred earns moral superiority. Perhaps this is shown in the hypocrisy of how the neo-con left adopted thewomanwhowasdefeatedbygeorgegallowaywhosenameiveforgotten as their figurehead. As someone whose life has been enriched by people from other nations and who thinks non-ghettoised, non-politicised multi-culturalism is a beautiful thing, I do think that a dominant ethnic group at peace with itself is the key to this.