Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Portrait of no-one Grey

I'm not being chauvinistic in pointing out that Salmond was right: the riots called 'British' by the media were English. Just as the ongoing blood bath in Northern Ireland is an ongoing bloodbath in Northern Ireland.

Maybe it's something to do with Scottish politics. Just saying: a new found sense of national pride and a genuine belief that even if we're obviously not all in it together, the well-off can offer to subsidise education as a social contract means young people aren't so alienated even if we have our fair share of trouble makers.

But guess what? It seems the media's listened to Alex: now I've frequently seen the riots described as 'English'.

Try telling that to the all too aptly named Mr Grey (think Ian Duncan Smith without the charm, charisma or gravitas) who tries playing politics by saying that Salmond's good point is just playing politics and showing a failure of solidarity. I've stopped wondering if Miliband could find a greater political talent for Scotland and started asking if he could find a greater political anti-talent.

It's certainly not about a lack of solidarity with English people, but about a lack of solidarity with a culture where young people are given the option of the dole, wage slavery or extortionate education whilst being demonised by people with vastly more privilige than they could dream of. No, it's not especially sunny for young people in Scotland at the moment, but it would be a lot worse without Salmond.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

The Only Thing Worse Than Engaging With News International

Is being ignored by them. Seems to be the message from Scottish Labour and Scottish Lib Dems. I don't know if Murdoch knows who that grey chappie is. Nor do a lot of Scots probably. The SNP victory owes a lot to Tony Bliar turning Britain into a News International protectorate, but don't let that get in the way of some finger-wagging Mr grey.

But it gets better. The head of the Scottish Lib Dems has accused Salmond of 'blatant sycophantic behaviour.' Too bad we don't have Nick 'the iron man' Clegg in charge. Don't know how often Murdoch's met Clegg (never mind whatsisname from the Scots lib dems). Murdoch doesn't really need to meet Clegg: why waste time talking to a lapdog when you can talk to its master?

And the gifts Salmond gave to Murdoch? Tickets to see Black Watch. I don't think Columbo could have done better. As usual, Salmond emerges as the standout talent of Scottish (possibly British) politics.

Anyway, a really nasty virus disabled my computer. Given various difficulties in my life, blogging will be sparse in the immediate future.